SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE(s) Code of Conduct


  • No bullying will be tolerated on the page. Please message Admin if you feel you are being subjected to this behavior.

  • No foul language, derogatory terms or provocative or sexual language will be tolerated.

  • Please treat all persons associated with the group with the same politeness, tolerance and respect that you would expect to be shown to you.

  • You will not always agree with everyone, so please remember – if you can’t say anything nice sometimes it is better not to say anything at all until it has been clarified.

  • Discussions are encouraged and all are welcome to discuss DTAC related issues but please keep it civil and refrain from any abuse or culturally inappropriate behaviours and comments.

  • Please feel free to post pictures, articles, videos and your personal stories in the appropriate sections. Please keep in mind and remember that photos and videos taken by other members are copyrighted to them, so as a courtesy, please do not use, copy or reproduce them elsewhere unless you ask permission first via the person whom posted or Admin. Please consider that on occasions it may cause offense to post photos or discuss people whom have returned to the Dreaming. If this occurs Admin reserve the right to remove the material or comments that have offended another if culturally called for.

  • If members of the group do not adhere to the above code of conduct, or if group members are derogatory, rude, abusive, inflammatory or inappropriate they will

  • 1) Be given a warning and the comment removed

  • 2) A second offence will see a suspension with the option to rejoin after 2 weeks 3) If the behaviours continue, the person will be permanently banned from the group. This will be at the discretion of the Administrators after they have discussed the issue.

  • The Admins reserve the right to change, amend, add to or alter the above Code of Conduct as required.

  • Any person proven to be working to divide participants or members of the group, or determined to be divisive will be removed.

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